Sunshine Coast writer’s festival book signing

Wow. That’s is all I can say really. It was my first writer’s festival, i thought i would be reading to 20 people, over 450 in the audience. I have always loved the CS Lewis quote, ” we read to know we are not alone>” Up there on the stage looking out at such a large, warm, supportive crowd i realized i write to know i am not alone, too.

Special thanks to Cathie Roy of the Coast Reporter for sharing these pics from that day. The first is book signing after the reading, the one with the big smile is right after i came off the stage. Nice shot Cathie, she was smart, after taking pictures at the stage she ran ahead and was in the tent where i sign books after the reading. She caught that moment of relief and joy.

dee signing webDianne Whelan web

Zoom Magazine

Zoom magazine is by the most beautiful publication on the Sunshine Coast, which is no surprise as it is designed and published by one of my favorite designers, Edmund Arceo. You won’t finds anything negative in Zoom, just beautiful photographs and good intentions. And that is the beauty of an indie publication.


zoom 2zoom

May 21 BookMark, Nat Geo and Public Gardens in Halifax

Day started with a visit to a very cool indie bookstore in Halifax called BookMark, then into the public gardens for a heart to heart phone interview with Tom Hall from Canadian National Geographic about book and film, 40 Days at Base Camp.

Books available in Halifax at Bookmark, King’s Books ….support indie bookstores. :) bookmark

My heart goes to the Sherpa community

The local Sherpa community considers Mount Everest a goddess and I left feeling she was a very mean mother. More Sherpas have died on Everest than all the climbers from around the world added up together. The locals speak throughout my book about their concerns of climate change in the region. For Sherpas being on Everest is a job, a very dangerous job and with the glacier melting and increasingly unstable it may soon be a risk not worth pursuing. My heart goes out to members of the Sherpa community.

-Dianne Whelaneverest peak

Everest avalanches

Almost every day and every night the sound of avalanches echoed through Everest base camp. For the first few nights i slept there i was terrified one might wipe out camp but within a week i just accepted it was a normal part of every day. avalanche

mountain magic

” And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will ever find it. ”

-Roald Dahl-

photo by Carolina Ahumada Cala